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Simple Screen Recorder : LINUX

Simple Screen Recorder Makes Screencasting Easy Whether you’re wanting to make a video tutorial, capture an interface quirk for a bug report, or looking to show off your gaming prowess, there are a bunch of screen-recording tools available for Ubuntu. While apps like GTK Record My Desktop and Kazam are popular they …

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Internet Download and Upload Speed

If you are connected to a broadband network and are wondering how fast your Internet connection really is, here is a way to test your Internet connection speed with a simple command.You probably know about the internet speed tests that can be performed from your browser. However, I will  show …

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Water on Moon

water on Moon On Oct 9, 2009 Nasa’s LCROSS, or Lunar Crater Observing and Sensing Satellite struck water in a cold, permanently dark crater at the south pole of the moon. The LCROSS was a nasa probe designed to impact the moon, while a small satellite followed behind it measuring …

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Another Earth ?

In December of 2011, Nasa confirmed the discovery of the first planet found in the habitable zone of a “sun-like” star. They named the planet Kepler-22b. The planet is about 2.5 times the radius of Earth, and orbits comfortably within the habitable zone. Scientist are unsure of the composition of …

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