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System reboots on issuing shutdown !

System Reboots instead of shutdown when shutdown key is pressed !!

I experienced exactly the same problem on my new computer Intel i5-4440 processor and Intel DB85FL motherboard (4th Gen). First I faced this problem with Ubuntu 13.10. and subsequently after upgrading to 14.04 LTS.

I did the following recently to solve this problem of SHUTDOWN and automatic REBOOT again withing a second or two.

I have Intel Visual BIOS. On power up I pressed F2 > POWER > Wake On LAN from S4/S5.

This has 3 options.

1. Stay Off,

2. Power on – Normal Boot, and

3. Power on – PXE Boot.


My computer was set to #2, which was making it automatically REBOOT after SHUTDOWN. I now changed to #1 option mentioned above. Now it is okay.


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