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Block Ads in Youtube Videos

None of the home users loves the advertisements that interfere while doing something in the computer. It could be very annoying whilst we see a video in youtube – say a movie, tutorial or some thing eagerly  watching. How these ads appear and why ?

One of the most popular search engine like google and browsers like chrome frequently collects each users search tags, queries and all informations we seek in these and data analytics are done. Different data set like BigData might be used to analyze the data received from the users queries. Companies make tie-ups with the google to post their ads to targeted users. So the google like company on the basis of our search queries, they will post the respective ads from their databases to the users gmail, youtube, facebook and all linked accounts. This is what most of the companies do. If you want to see how efficiently they grab our information, then try searching some different category and do it a couple of times in google search engines. Later you will be able to notice that whilst you use the google search results, keep an eye on the ads popping up, that could be very much related to your previous searches.

If you are worried about, all your search queries are grabbed, viewed, analyzed, and processed by private companies like google, and you think that you require some private space in this virtual reality called Internet, then you need to do the following.

  • Instead of using chrome browser, its safe to use firefox – which comes under FOSS (Free Open Source Software).
  • In firefox , enable “Do not Track” option for websites not to track us and you can see how to enable this option in here.
  • Always use search engine named “duckduckgo.com” instead of google.com to search. Unlike google, duckduckgo doesn’t track what you are searching for or your queries. So make duckduckgo  as you default search engine.

Blocking ads in youtube is browser specific, so you are only required to install the required extension or plugins on your favourite browsers.  Youtube Ads blocking Plugin for  the most popular browsers are listed below.

ABP (AdBlock Plus):   

Adblock Plus is an open source, community-driven project licensed under GPLv3 aimed at making the Internet better for everyone.  Surf the internet without annoying ads.

  • Blocks banners, pop-ups, tracking, malware and more
  •  By default, nonintrusive ads aren’t blocked in order to support websites (learn more) [1]
  •  It’s free for users and open source (GPLv3)
  • Supports almost all popular browsers :Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer, Yandex , Microsoft edge and Android as well.

For complete list of its features, you may see their website: ABP.

How to install ABP ?

You can download ABP plugin for popluar browsers are listed below. To install it, open the respective plugin in your favorite browser and click install. Sometime you may require privileges to install it in your system.

  1. Firefox Plugin
  2. Chrome Plugin
  3. Safari Plugin
  4. Internet Explorer
  5. Opera
  6. Microsoft Edge
  7. Android Smartphone


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