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Scientists seems to have a competition in developing theories or postulates to explain the creation and evolution of Moon, the only natural satellite of Earth. Many theories like Giant impact theory, co-formation theory, capture theory had been put forward by them (Astronomy, 2016). What really happening is that, when someone comes up with a new postulate or hypothesis, it may holds good for some aspects which may contradicts the mere existing creation and evolution theory of Earth itself.  After all, any hypothesis to be accepted has to explain the similarity in the crust composition of Moon and Earth, the texture of the current Moon surface, and should supports the evolution or existence if life forms on Earth.

Now a days , Giant impact theory addresses all those issues reasonably. The Moon is assumed to be formed around 4.5 billion years ago soon after the earth was formed as a result of giant impact happened between earth and a mars sized rock(Astronomy, 2016)(En.wikipedia.org, 2016).

According to “Giant Impact Hypothesis”, Moon is created as part of collision of  planet sized rock named Theia with earth (Cbsnews.com, 2016). The impact made small planet sized rock to get mixed with earth crust. As a result of the huge impact, enormous amount of heat had been generated and debris created expanded as well. The heat produced at that time and the gravity of earth make it stay beside earth.  The earth assumed to rotate faster at that times which took 6 hrs only for a days  instead of 24hr like today. So these all made the debris to unite at super heated times and made a moon what we see today.


 Gravitational force of attraction of heavenly bodies is  conversely proportional with the square of the separation of the individuals masses from one another(Jha, 2016). This results in the variable force of attraction of moon on  the sides and center of earth facing moon. Likewise an aftereffect, Moon made a remarkable influence in sea tides at that times itself on earth which made the minerals to mix up which finally minerals made it suited for the existence of life on earth and latter human beings evolved was history.


The dramatic irony is, the moon could be one of the unique chemical of solar system and universe where new things tested, created and evolved in the laboratory we call it Earth, Our planet. These are the new facts or some one call it new theory or postulates which hold good until we find a new theatrical hypothesis.



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