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Awesome Ocean Creatures

You may be amazed to see it , these are all real creatures and you can search google with their names to see many more pictures of them . 1) The Sea Cucumber   These icky echinoderms certainly boggle the mind. Lacking a true brain and any semblance of sensory …

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Love them , they will Live for you

  Look at this stuff – amazing!!!!!!I I don’t know who this “lion whisperer” is but the way these animals interact with him is absolutely stunning!!!!  Update : Name of this person is Mr.Kevin Richardson  ,  http://www.lionwhisperer.co.za/ He is currently working at the lion park in Lanseria Area…. That is …

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Customer care in the year 2020 !

Customer Care in 2020 . Operator: Hello Pizza Hut!  Customer: Hello, can you please take my order?  Operator : Can I have your multi purpose card number first, Sir? Customer: Yeah! Hold on….. My number is 889861356102049998-45-54610  I N   2020 Operator : OK… you’re… Mr Singh and you’re calling from 17 Jalan …

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Eat itself

Eat itself, a photo by SAGAR BHOOSHAN on Flickr. Crazy snake which is escaped from a Mental Hospital – Eating itself thinking it could be some other snake’s tail …… wow !

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INCREDIBLE India, a photo by SAGAR BHOOSHAN on Flickr. Incredible India ! Awesome hard working people in India . – Hard working , – Dangerous Jobs undertaking , – Efficiently finishing with out any Life Insurance – Less Wages Hats off – Incredible India !

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WRONG Helmet

WRONG Helmate, a photo by SAGAR BHOOSHAN on Flickr. Hey Guys ! Ladies only way of wearing Helmet , so it not Helmet rather its a Hell Mate ! Regards

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